Modern Airs is:
Kris P. - vocals, guitar
Tansen B. - guitar
Kris M. - drums
Dave A. - bass
Our music is available for download here at a price of your choosing. $0, $5, anything. (PayPal not required!)
Clarity EP was recorded during the summer of 2010.


Recording and Mixing: Jeremy Eger
Mastering: Michael Fossenkemper
Album Art: Daizo Bamba
Session Drums: Andrew Soto
We're on facebook, myspace and twitter. But mostly facebook.
Do you like us and want us to play music for you?
You can reach us at

Bonus info!!!

Kris P. is addicted to the reddit front page.
Tansen B. is..
Kris M. loves God, cupcakes & Chipotle.
Dave A. likes looped bass on bass action and dabbles in web stuff.

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